Puru Pahuja

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I am an incoming college freshman to the University of California - Berkeley, studying electrical engineering and computer sciences, with a strong passion in computer science and a strong aptitude for mathematics, science, and engineering.

Over the years, I have developed an acumen in an eclectic range of computing principles, with an emphasis on web and Android application development.

Through freelancing projects, I have obtained over four years of experience with responsive web design and full-stack web development, as well as two years' experience with Android application development.

Along with computer science, I have foundational understanding and experience with embedded engineering and have built numerous electronic projects incorporating programmed microcontrollers.

I am constantly updating my technical skill-set with the latest technologies used professionally on a day-to-day basis in industry.



Founding Instructor
Since April 2013

I started a creative computing academy in school in 2012 where I teach younger students about the fantastic applications of basic computing principles. So far, I have taught animation, web development, app development and more to over two hundred students.

Code Stars
Since May 2015

I was recruited by the owner of Code Stars to create a comprehensive course on Python programming, which will not only consist of basic programming principles, but also the applications of those skills in various fields of computer science. The course will be uploaded to Udemy and will cater towards hundreds of thousands of online students.

Web Development Intern
Digital Butter
July to August 2015

At Digital Butter, I collaborated with the design and development teams to build the front-end of a client-based web project for Prinkco, and enhanced the company website's user interface while connecting the website to Craft CMS using Twig PHP.

Embedded Engineering Intern
Forbes Technosys Limited
July to August 2016

In co-ordination with members of the embedded R&D team, I worked on a site monitoring system (used to monitor flame, temperature, light intensity, motion and door statuses of a room) and a student profiling system (to keep record of students' academic background).


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