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I am a high school senior studying at West Island School in Hong Kong.

I have a strong passion for computers & technology and have an acumen in an eclectic range of computing disciplines, ranging from application development to integrated circuit programming.

I have learned different computing skills and programming languages from online courses offered on websites such as edX, Udemy and Codecademy.

I specialize in web & app development as I have been learning & building websites and applications for a long time.

I would like to pursue a embedded engineering career in my future.



Founding Instructor
Since April 2013

I started a creative computing academy in school in 2012 where I teach younger students about the fantastic applications of basic computing principles. So far, I have taught animation, web development, app development and more to over one hundred students.

Code Stars
Since May 2015

I was recruited by the owner of Code Stars to create a comprehensive course on Python programming, which will not only consist of basic programming principles, but also the applications of those skills in various fields of computer science. The course will be uploaded to Udemy and will cater towards hundreds of thousands of online students.

Web Development Intern
Digital Butter
July to August 2015

At Digital Butter, I collaborated with the design and development teams to build the front-end of a client-based web project for Prinkco, and enhanced the company website's user interface while connecting the website to Craft CMS using Twig PHP.

Embedded Engineering Intern
Forbes Technosys Limited
July to August 2016

In co-ordination with members of the embedded R&D team, I worked on a site monitoring system (used to monitor flame, temperature, light intensity, motion and door statuses of a room) and a student profiling system (to keep record of students' academic background).


Embedded Systems - Shape the World

University of Texas at Austin

Introduction to Linux

Linux Foundation

Economics 1 | Principles of Economics

Stanford University

The Complete Web Developer Course


Introduction to Java Programming

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Front End Development Program

Free Code Camp


ROA in Mathematics
West Island School
June 2011

Out of the whole year group, roughly 180 students, I was awarded the Record of Achievement by the Head of Mathematics at WIS due to my exceptional performance and great efforts in the subject throughout the preceeding year.

ROA in Design & Technology
West Island School
March 2012

The head of the department was impressed by my positive behaviour and consistence in excellence in my designing and making skills of multiple projects, including a clock, desktop organiser and a board game, during the academic year.

Gold in Senior Math Challenge
UK Mathematics Trust
November 2013

Taken by many students, the senior challenge is one of the most challenging mathematical competitions in the world. I obtained a gold certificate which is only presented to the top tenth of the cohort.

Rank 61 (out of 276) in SEAMC
SEAMC, Ho Chi Minh City
March 2014

The South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) was held in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014 and contains numerous team & individual rounds and students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei etc. I came 61st out of 276, individually, and 17th out of 92 for team rounds.

Gold in Intermediate Math Challenge
UK Mathematics Trust
May 2015

This competition is taken by tens of thousands of candidates and only the top seven per cent are selected for a gold certificate and I was also able to qualify for the Olympiad round which is only for the top 500 scorers.

Merit in Intermediate Math Olympiad
UK Mathematics Trust
June 2015

Being a challenging paper taken only by 500 students globally, the intermediate olympiad consists of six open-ended questions from which the candidate is expected to attempt two questions. I recieved a Merit certificate which the 200 students in the world gain.


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